About Me

cropped-3tewg3ssz0eh11hruu2wq5ujw273981724.2.jpgHi, I’m Alison. I’m  a member of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors, and a “denizen” of the Freelance Writer’s Den. I’ve been writing, editing, indexing, copyediting and generally wrangling words since before the internet was a twinkle in AOL’s eye. At first a beat reporter in local print journalism, I went on to a degree in Communications and jobs in Human Resources and Marketing; then on to complete both a Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola University and a Master’s Degree in Information and Library Science from Dominican University. I also attended The Film School in Seattle, Washington, and The Story Studio in Chicago.

My daily duties in the working world have included newsletters, copywriting, web design and content creation, print design and execution using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop; reports, grant writing, and editing for publication.

I’ve been a ghostwriter, book editor, copyeditor, SEO article writer, ebook producer, blog designer, grant and scholarly journal editor and writer; bio writer, screenplay and scriptwriter and a content provider at Demand Media Studios, Squidoo and Skyword. I’ve also got experience creating and populating websites with killer content, graphics and reader hooks, using Twitter and Social Media to widen web presence; creating full ID marketing kits, and once even founded a library.

With experience in commerce, the arts and academics, I’m perfectly positioned  to bring your commerce to the internet; create blazing and engaging content that makes readers feel informed, not stupid;  and to start a productive conversation with your target market. I’m a collaborative idea engine who can transform concepts  into reader engagement.

You’ll like how you look in print.