Five Cybersecurity Disasters.

    Ever wonder how badly our information highway could be damaged from a security breach? Internet threats are always evolving, but here are five cybersecurity disasters from the past that hint at what we might face later on:       First Worm       In 1988, a graduate student designed a self-replicating … [Read more…]

Become an Entrepreneur

Things to Ask Yourself Before Becoming an Entrepreneur   There are thousands of books and articles out there describing the qualities of successful entrepreneurs. After you’ve taken the questionnaire and are satisfied that you are “determined”, and “disciplined”, and “a risk-taker,” here are some other questions to pose to yourself before you make the leap. … [Read more…]

Keeping Track of Your Job Hunt.

How Do You Keep Track of Your Job Hunt?     Ever met someone who was really excited to be looking for a job? Someone who leaps out of bed every morning with a song in their heart, just thrilled to get cracking on another rousing day of going to the unemployment office, making partial … [Read more…]

Protect Your Online Rep.

Beyond deleting your Facebook account: How to clean up your online persona during a job search By now you probably already know that your Facebook profile is fair game to HR people doing their due diligence. This is especially true for recent college grads who don’t have a long track record or many references. But … [Read more…]

Your E Resume

Your eResume: Five Tips For Getting Noticed In An Online Job Search Since most companies recruit online these days, applying for jobs is faster and easier.  But     electronic job hunting can make it hard to stand out as the right candidate.  Here are some tips to get your application some attention. Customize. In the good … [Read more…]