Become an Entrepreneur

Things to Ask Yourself Before Becoming an Entrepreneur


There are thousands of books and articles out there describing the qualities of successful entrepreneurs. After you’ve taken the questionnaire and are satisfied that you are “determined”, and “disciplined”, and “a risk-taker,” here are some other questions to pose to yourself before you make the leap.


Do I love my work?


Imagine your new business is a potential spouse. You would probably spend one or two nights awake asking yourself these questions before you tied the knot: Do I love it? Can I put up with it every single day?


It’s the same when you are considering going into business for yourself. Loving your work is a hard thing to gauge when you’re not sure some days if you love anything including chocolate ice cream, so ask yourself the question another way: Do I want to be involved with this endeavor today? Tomorrow? How about always?


Am I Independent?


Independence doesn’t just mean being able to go to movies by yourself.  It means being able to stand in your own truth long enough  for people toat least get used to it. Most people who are working at jobs have a shared orientation towards the world – paychecks, dependability, 401K’s, promotions. You might find yourself alone in a crowd for a little while until you find your feet, and even then you’ll be in the lonely position of being the boss. Being your own cheering section can be essential. It helps to have a good support system of family and friends, but it all comes down to you.


Can I prioritize?


Having a job means being part of a system that, even if you’re a high roller at the company, determines most of your day. Your employer will suggest what you should focus on, and define success according to your organization’s goals. The company will keep time for you, expect you to be at work at 8:30 AM and track your days off and time to retirement.


Now that’s up to you as well. Beyond having time-management skills, a more important question to ask is whether can prioritize your time to support your vision– every day, every week, every year.


Can I fail cheerfully?


Leaping into entrepreneurship without a net means you will probably make some really terrible mistakes. You might not. But it’s very likely because no matter how razor-sharp your skill set is,  you are learning something entirely new. That means learning to look at failure as a fast way to get better at what you’re doing,  rather than evidence that you’ll never succeed.


Can I trust myself?


We put a lot of faith in the system of our lives – our parents, our schools, our employers and our churches. No matter what your relationship to them is now, having your own business means putting at least as much faith in yourself.  It only takes a little bit of trust in the beginning, but it can be enough to set you on a course of not only success,  but self-discovery.